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Fisher-Price, Inc. has been dominating the infant and preschool toy market for over 60 years as its products are known for their high quality and durability.  Fisher-Price was founded in East Aurora, New York, in 1930, by Herman G. Fisher, Irving L. Price, Margaret Evans Price and Helen M. Schelle. Together they proved to be adept at knowing what children liked . . . “gay, cheerful, friendly toys with amusing action, toys that do something new and surprising and funny!” Their first company catalog also listed what parents wanted … “intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value for the money and action.”

Fisher-Price created 16 different toys during their first year, all made of ponderosa pine because it is a splinter resistant wood. The wood pieces were joined with heavy steel parts and decorated with non-toxic lithographs and finishes to add color and charm. Withstanding the effects of the Great Depression, Fisher-Price reported losses their first several years, but they developed a healthy reputation and customer base. In 1936, the company made a $3000 profit and Irving Price rewarded his loyal employees by distributing his windfall in silver dollars.

The first toys were pull toys named Dr. Doodle and Granny Doodle – dressed up ducks from illustrator Margaret Price’s book for children. Snoopy Sniffer, a dog pull toy, was the company’s first major success in 1938. In the early 1950’s, Fisher-Price augmented its line of wooden toys by fashioning new products from a popular new material, plastic. Buzzy Bee was its first plastic toy.

Fisher-Price is best known for its Little People line of toys, which includes people and animal figures along with various Play Family sets such as a house, farm, school, garage and various vehicles.   The figures were originally wooden peg-style characters but are now molded of plastic with detailed features. The Safety School Bus, introduced in 1959, was the first toy with removable Little People passengers.

Fisher- Price has created approximately 5,000 different toys since the early 1930’s. Fisher Price vintage toys and antique toys are some of the most sought after among antique toy collectors.

Fisher-Price     Play. Laugh. Grow.

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